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logoMuway Constructions is an innovative Aboriginal Joint Venture construction company based in Western Australia’s remote North West. It is a unique and successful collaboration with the Traditional Owners of Fitzroy Crossing – the ‘Bunuba’ people. It begins a move to form other similar strategic partnerships with Traditional Owners across the whole of Australia’s North West to build sustainable communities and environments. Built upon mutual respect and mutual benefits, Aboriginal people benefit from construction on their home lands through training, employment and a share in the region’s economy, and Muway Construction gains a pool of trained, qualified employees who are readily available for remote construction projects.

Muway has also formed multiple joint ventures with experienced Aboriginal Trade Contractors who best understand the challenging operating environment of the Kimberley and Pilbara. For our clients this means a full service guarantee on every build. For local Aboriginal people this equates to increased traineeships and apprenticeships with mentoring support in any facet of the construction industry – carpentry, rigging, plumbing, electrical and machine operating.

shutterstock_15885472The creation of Muway Constructions is already proving to be a social and economic success. Not only has the company completed many innovative, quality-driven residential and commercial developments, it has also opened up sustainable employment opportunities for Aboriginal people, creating increased self-esteem, financial self-sufficiency and improved living conditions.


Our select team of people has earned Muway its reputation for quality, innovative building, and for meeting clients’ time frames and budgets across all building sectors in some of the North West’s most isolated and sensitive environments.

A powerful business model for building capacity in regional Australia and effecting positive, sustainable economic and social changes.

Latest Awards

  • 2012 WA Regional Achievement and Community Awards – Finalist, Department of Indigenous Affairs, Indigenous Service Award
  • Telstra Australian Business Awards 2012 Finalist – HTC Start-up Award
  • Telstra Australian Business Awards 2012 Finalist – Regional Business Award
  • Master Builders WA – Bankwest Kimberley – Pilbara Building Excellence Awards 2012
  • Winner – Special Awards Category, Employer Trainer of the Year

Skip Bin Hire

Many people find themselves in need of skip bin hire when they are moving house, renovating, or simply want to get rid of as much household waste as possible. The great thing about these types of disposal options are that they can be tailored to suit the renters’ requirements – including the size, shape and even accessibility of the bin in question.

Are there different types of skips?

Of course! In fact, there are over a dozen unique sizes and styles; some of which are ideal for short-term waste removal, while others can be left in place for months and will often be much larger than cargo containers.

What can they be used for?

This type of information is best left to the provider to make anyone hiring a skip aware of, but generally speaking skips are suitable for storing household waste (non-organic), plastics, metals, wood and other similar materials.

Are there any restrictions?

This will typically depend on the type of skip being hired, as well as the duration of the rental. If someone is renovating their garden, the chances are that they will accumulate quite a large volume of organic waste – and this type of waste will need to be cleared frequently. Therefore, a small to mid-sized bin might be the better option, mainly due to the fact that they can be emptied more frequently and in a simpler fashion.

How much does a rental typically cost?

Generally speaking, the smaller the bin, the cheaper the cost. Most skip rental agencies will charge by the day, allowing a renter to define the period of their rental and then pay as they go. These agreements can be very flexible in many cases, allowing the person doing the hiring to keep on top of their spending and only use the bin for as long as it might be needed.


Window Repair Services

Window repair services might seem like a fairly self-explanatory subject, but in reality there are several different ways in which to approach the activity. Generally speaking windows will consist of glass, rubber insulation, a wooden, plastic, or aluminium frame and other features that can help to maximise structural integrity and functionality.

Most good glaziers will offer to evaluate any windows that aren’t performing quite as well as they should be and during this process, they should be able to gauge the cause of an issue and then suggest options to rectify the matter. This can make things much simpler to categorise, especially where varying materials are concerned. Here’s a closer look at some of the most common options.

Glass Repair

If a chip, crack, or split has occurred within the structure of glass, it can be very important to ensure that the structural integrity remains secure. In most cases, a glass repairman will suggest using adhesive to secure the bonds between atoms and this adhesive will often be made from resin. Once dried and hardened, the resin can create a bond much stronger than glass.

Frame Repair

In some cases, and often due to subsidence or a sudden shift in weight, frames can suffer with damage. When these events occur, the likelihood of glass splitting will be much more apparent and this can lead to damage and even a risk of injury. To avoid this, a frame will need to be addressed by a glazier to fix any loose joints, or to secure any weak points.

Insulation Replacement

Most modern windows will feature insulation and this form of protection against the cold will commonly come in the form of plastic or rubber. Over time, these strips can wear down and become less functional than intended, allowing cold air to enter and hot air to escape. Although a layer can be applied to fill in gaps, many glaziers will recommend removing the old strip in favour of a new and more effective replacement.